Monday, May 5, 2008

The cruelty of the Guantanamo

Two Guantanamo resistance, Cuba, Salim Mahmoud Adam and Adel Hassan Hamad tell about how bad the treatment in the artificial American prison itu -- two resistance -- Healthy Mahmoud Adam, 49, and Adel Hassan Hamad, 49 -- was arrested by the Pakistani soldier to 2002 of his houses in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Without because that was clear, both of them were then moved from resistance to resistance to finally was thrown into the Guantanamo prison.
Hamad at that time was the official in an organisation of the Islam good deed that was assigned to arrange administration and the distribution of medicine in the hospital in Pakistan.
Now, Adam was the school manager for the organisation of the Islam good deed other.
Two resistance were released by America after being kept without the foundation an clear for five years because of charges of being involved in terrorism.
Pascabebas, the first statement that was sent by them was the concern would fate of one of his colleagues who was still not released, Sami al-Hajj.
He was the reporter and the cameraman the Aljazeera TV that already almost one year underwent the hunger strike.
According to Hamad, the condition in the Guantanamo prison "very bad".
However, he refused to detail again the statement.
With the expression was full of the concern, he only explained that the US official in Guantanamo often treated resistance with the incorrect usage and tended intimidated if being gotten by resistance that protested with the hunger strike.

The "perpetrators" of the "hunger strike and the protestor precisely were dealt with by means of that was wrong," said he to the reporter in the press conference several hours after arriving in his native village.
The condition for Al-Hajj, said Hamad, has been very worrying.
Apart from being on the back and knees sick, continued he, the man who was kept since June 2002 that was sick the kidney.
This Hamad explanation in harmony with the lawyer's statement Al-Hajj that depicted that the condition for his client has been acute because of suffering the kidney illness and the possibility of cancer.
However, the defence evidently only made the representative of the US government mengernyitkan the forehead.
The USA did not react.
Al-Hajj then continued to be kept in Guantanmo.
Adam and Hamad were released on Wednesday (12/12) with 13 other resistance from Afghanistan.
Periodically, the USA moved approximately 458 resistance to the prison in his origin country was their respective.
Among them was that at once was released.
At this time 290 people were kept in Guantanamo.
The majority including being caught and imprisoned without clear charges.
Seven Sudanese residents, including Al-Hajj, still were kept in the prison.
The authorised US side planned to try 80 people more in the military court in the naval post (Al) the USA in south-east Cuba.
They said at this time was discussing the release of an amount of resistance with the government of his origin country.
Resistance that was released this has been stated complete underwent "education" in Guantanamo.
In the meantime, a UN investigation agency yesterday (14/12) said suspected the CIA of being involved in the assumption of the torturing that was carried out to Guatanamo resistance.
They suspected, the torturing was carried out to interrogate resistance that the majority it was charged was involved in terrorism and the Islam organisation was banned.
The indication is, the process of the law was towards the resistance attracted made concessions before the CIA got information that they wanted.
In a visit to Cuba last week, Martin Scheinin -the UN official the protection field of the suspect's human rights in terrorism- followed hearing prasidang Healthy Ahmed Hamdan, the former driver Usamah bin Laden.
Scheinin said, the USA explained to him that at this time was gotten by 300 resistance in Guantanamo.
As many as 80 of the numbers will be processed in the session of the military, and 80 people still was ready to be released.
Now, the process of the law towards the rest of them was still not determined.
The uniqueness, said he, several people have in fact been kept for six years without charges and the process of the session.
So America. Is that democration? America Crazy Fucker

DEMOCRAZY according to America

Documentary this presented the touching picture, how did America use money for their tax to founding Israel. This is Democration according to america or Democrazy?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amerikat the union was the world terrorist

The Idul Adha day that was holy, the world witnessed fully the horror of the barbarian's action taking the form of the punishment was suspended against the former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein on charges of carrying out the crime towards humanity.
The murder doubt was dropped by two war criminals, President Bush (US President) and Prime Minister Blair (English PM).
And the sadist's action was broadcasted all through the world as the insult to justice and was aimed to exhibit the US strength.

The punishment was suspended against Saddam was the insult to all Moslems because of being carried out in the Idul Adha public holiday where surrendering and praying Moslems requested Allah's amnesty.
Very clear, that the war criminal Bush in no way had sensitifitas against Moslems that were undertaking the pilgrim's religious duties in the Mother.
The barbarian's action was ti you that polluted the holy day!

The Internasional court could not do that and has applied the double standard.
On the one hand, the international court was impressed for active on the crime of the war that happened in Darfur, Rwanda and Kosovo, but could not do anything on the crime of the war that was carried out by Bush, Blair and Howard.

"If we supported human rights and justice, we must condemn the action of the punishment barbarian of being suspended against Saddam Hussein."
There was no reason anything on this injustice.
The war criminal Bush and doll regimes in Iraq was the bad example of justice the law.

In the meantime, UN Secretary General who was new, the Ki Moon Tyre chose to not respond seriously to the criticism of the world of the public towards the implementation of Saddam Hussein's death sentence.
He stated, each entitled country determined his legal rule personally.

Asked by the matter of the death sentence against Saddam, Moon that from South Korea only said that the former Iraqi leader carried out "several horrifying crimes and the cruelty that were difficult to be revealed with words against the Iraqi people and we necessarily did not forget the casualties from these crimes."

Following the implementation of the punishment was suspended against Saddam Hussein, several foreign diplomats urgent so that the UN reviews the implementation of the death sentence.
The Italia country that was most incessant called so that the international community asks the UN to discuss the problem of the death sentence in the UN agenda.

The Romano Prodi office, the Italia prime minister in his statement stated that Italia will look for the support from countries that opposed the death sentence.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Italia, Massimo D'Alema in fact said, his country will make a serious effort so that the death sentence is eliminated.

Italia personally had fought for the abolition of the death sentence in Security Council the UN, but the efforts were not successful.
The European union, former SecGen PBB Kofi Annan, several officials in the Commission of HAM UN and the observer's groups of human rights like Human Right Watch, criticised the implementation of the death sentence against Saddam Hussein.

In a human manner Right Watch considered the death sentence against Saddam, the draught with political nuances and was carried out in the condition for the process of the very flawed judicature the law

The meeting against Saddam on the whole was deceit for justice.
He mentioned, the team's member of the legal counsel Saddam was killed brutally, the witnesses were threatened, honest judges were removed and replaced with the "doll" judges of AS. Bersamaan Dengan, the USA berkoar-koar to the world public that the invasion of Iraq to uphold democracy, the freedom and justice.

"The peace country currently changes to the war zone."
More than 500 thousand children were killed as a result of the criminal crime took the form of economic doubt.
The newest discovery of the journal kesejatan Lancet mentioned, more than 650 thousand Iraqi peoples were killed since the US invasion that was illegal last 2003,
The war criminal Bush killed more Iraqi peoples was compared that had been carried out by Saddam, if for that of Saddam indeed was stated guilty.

"If" President "Saddam Hussein was guilty of the crime" of the "war, then the world must state Bush, Blair and Howard (Australian" PM") also guilty and the Internasional Court must prosecute these criminals,".